Take Care Home Health Care offers personalized care that allows eligible individuals to receive the help they need while being able to remain in the comfort and security of their own home. In-home care services provide families with the comfort of knowing their loved one is receiving the care they need to live a happy, healthier life.

Our Goal

In today’s tough climate, we know many families in our community are struggling and could use  all the financial help they can get. We created this agency to ensure that every eligible person  in the state is aware of and has the means to take advantage of these state-funded programs  designed to help those in need.

Who We Are

Take Care Home Health Care is a state-approved Home Help Agency. The State of Michigan’s  Home Help program offers individuals taking care of Medicaid-enrolled patients financial  compensation of $13.25/hr for completing simple homecare tasks for said patient. As a state approved agency, we can offer these same caregivers a minimum of $14.20/hr for doing things  like cooking, cleaning, laundry, and running errands for their patient. 

How We Do It

We’re able to offer a higher rate than the state because the State of Michigan offers Home Help  Agencies an hourly rate of $18.71/hr for each caregiver employed by our agency. Despite our  own overhead and operating costs, we want to offer higher wages to our community of  caregivers because we firmly believe a community of happy and financially stable individuals is  more important than our bottom line.

Who's Eligible

Though only Medicaid-enrolled patients are eligible to receive caretaking, absolutely anybody is  eligible to become a caregiver. Often times, the perfect individual to care for a patient is a  person whom lives with said patient and already does these things.  

Example 1: Mary is in her 60s and receives Medicaid. She lives in the same household as her  children and grandchildren because she often needs help with simple daily tasks like cooking,  cleaning, dosing medication, running errands, etc. Her Daughter, Miranda, already does these  things for her Mother. Miranda is a perfect candidate for our agency. We can provide Miranda payment of at least $14.20/hr for the things she’s already doing to care for her Mother. 

Example 2: John is 21 and was recently in an auto accident. As a result, John has trouble getting  around and completing simple daily tasks. His Mother, Sally, is happy to help John out while he  recovers. She drives him to and from physical therapy appointments, helps prepare his meals, and does his laundry. Sally is another perfect candidate for our agency. We can also provide her payment of at least $14.20/hr while her son recovers, and she does things she’d have been happy to do anyway.

How Do You Sign Up?

1.) Ask any physician acquainted with the patient to fill out a Medical Needs form on their  behalf. (We’re more than happy to help here and send the form to the physician for  you!) Most physicians, regardless of their discipline, are familiar with the program and  are happy to fill this out for any patient they believe could benefit from extra help. 

2.) Register the caregiver in the Michigan online CHAMPS registry and subsequently as an  employee of Take Care Home Health Care. (With your permission, we will happily fill out  this paperwork for you. We’ll ask you for some personal information and get you signed  up the same day. All information we gather is HIPPA compliant and shared only with the  necessary channels within the State of Michigan Department of Health and Human  Services.) 

3.) Submit an Adult Services Application and the completed Medical Needs form to your  local MDHHS office. (We’ll submit this for your as well!) 

4.) Once your county MDHHS office has received this information, a caseworker will be  assigned to your case and will set up a meeting with the patient and caregiver to assess  each situation. The caseworker then has the final say as to whether or not the patient  and caregiver are eligible to participate in the Home Help program. 

5.) After approval, your only responsibility as a caregiver is to provide a monthly summary  of activities and hours spent taking care of your patient. We here at Take Care Home  Health Care collect and submit these summaries to the State of Michigan and are  reimbursed at the end of the following month. That is when we send out checks to our  caregivers for the hard and loving work that they do!